Since 1973 we have been a leader in the operation of Trade Credit Discussion Groups, all having been formed at the request of Members.  These Groups are co-ordinated by us and meet regularly to discuss matters relating to their particular Industry including account collection, legal and related problems.



We are registered under the Financial Conduct Authority and all Groups are conducted to ensure that no issues are encountered in regard to the requirements of the Competition Act 1998 and Data Protection Act 1998.  A fee is charged on an annual basis and details can be supplied on request.



Please enquire as to whether we have a Group specific to your needs.  If not and sufficient interest is shown, we shall be pleased to assist in the formation of the appropriate Group.

Discussion Groups

We currently have trade discussion groups in the following areas:
Specialist Food Trades
Greeting Cards
Catering Equipment & Vending
Confectionery & Beverages