We use the services of specialist commercial lawyers and closely monitor the progress file in the preparation and issue of legal proceedings on behalf of our members. 


Every effort is made to secure all recoverable costs and statutory interest.  In many instances the interest collected can exceed the non-recoverable costs relating to the issue of legal proceedings.


Our service includes recoveries in Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.


We have a close working relationship with insolvency practitioners and can act as a liason where the need arises.

Debt Recovery

A fast, efficient and personal service.


  • We offer a no-fuss, professional service to all of our members.


  • We identify difficulties on overdue accounts very quickly. Members are kept fully informed of negotiations with their debtors unable to settle their account immediately.


  • Each debtor receives a letter of notification followed by telephone calls as necessary.  We believe this approach is most likely to promote a response. 


  • We will always refer to you any queries raised, following which we await your further instructions.


  • At Multi-User Credit Services, we believe that prompt recovery of overdue accounts is essential if your working capital is to be properly used to your business. 

Legal Proceedings
Progress Reporting

We believe that it is essential that you are aware at all times of the position of the accounts you have placed with us for collection with our reporting service. 


We would stress that even when accounts are in the hands of Solicitors, they are closely monitored by us thus ensuring that they are progressed on a regular basis and you are notified accordingly.


Where large numbers of debts are in our hands we can provide a print out of present position details on a regular monthly basis.

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